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Attorney Sanford F. Young

New York Litigation & Appeals Lawyer

New York and New Jersey Litigation Attorney

Since 1977, New York litigation attorney Sanford F. Young and his staff have enjoyed a reputation as tenacious and skillful litigators and appellate lawyers practicing in the state and federal courts in the New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas, including New York City, New York State, Northern New Jersey and Central New Jersey.

A Lawyer's Lawyer

Mr. Young is a highly experienced advocate and negotiator who handles a wide range of complex cases and appeals for businesses, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, lawyers and families.

Both a street fighter and academician, attorney Sanford Young is regularly retained to take on lawsuits and appeals that call for a sophisticated understanding of the subject matter and business environment coupled with a laser focus on strategy, tactics, legal precedents and technology.

Contact the law firm to schedule a consultation regarding litigation and appellate matters, legal malpractice and attorney's fee disputes, and other complex legal matters and disputes requiring skillful counsel and representation.


When lawyers and their clients find themselves in need of an accomplished litigation and appellate attorney with a proven track record of success, whether seeking to overturn a bad decision or uphold a favorable result, they often turn to Mr. Young to handle their appeal in the appropriate appellate courts, such as the Supreme Court, United States Circuit Court of Appeals (for the Second and Third Circuits), New York Court of Appeals, New York Appellate Division, New Jersey Appellate Division and New York Appellate Term. Mr. Young also assists other attorneys in handling appeals in these and other jurisdictions, where he is called upon to outline, draft and edit complex briefs, as well as orally argue the appeal before the panel of appellate judges.

Mr. Young is equally experienced with making motions to the appellate courts, including motions to reargue, leave/permission to take the appeal to a higher court, as well as seeking emergency temporary restraining orders and stays pending appeal to stop the enforcement of judgments until after the appellate process is completed.

Legal Malpractice Advocacy

The firm often takes on insurance disputes and other types of cases that have been lost due to erroneous court decisions, unreasonable jury verdicts, or inexperienced, sloppy, or lackluster representation; and cases that other attorneys are unable or unwilling to handle.

Sandy, as he is known to all his friends, colleagues and judges, values relationships and interaction with people from all walks of life, as well as with friendly beasts. Pictured on this page is one of Mr. Young's four dogs, his English Bull Dog, Lily, who personifies Mr. Young's own character and demeanor: challenging, forthright, tenacious and meaning business.

Second Legal Opinions and Fee Disputes

New York litigation lawyer Sanford Young is often called upon to provide knowledgeable and reliable second legal opinions, to evaluate and provide his opinion on the manner in which you or your present counsel are handling your dispute, lawsuit or appeal; provide advice and suggestions on case strategies, tactics and implementation; assess, audit and comment on issues or disputes regarding legal fees as well as fees charged by other attorneys, professionals, forensic accountants and other experts. Many clients and lawyers seek Mr. Young's advice and help for handling difficult cases when they are near or at their last judicial or appellate stages, or have been abandoned by your lawyer. Because of Mr. Young's ability to offer advice and his willingness to take on cases when all else has been lost, such as after they have been dismissed following a trial or motion to dismiss or motion for summary judgment, or after an appeal has been lost, Mr. Young and his firm fulfill the role as the attorney of last resort.

Clients, businesses and lawyers consult with Mr. Young to review, audit and analyze pending disputes, lawsuits and appeals and provide his second opinion and recommendations for changes in strategy, potentials for settlement or need to appeal. Often Mr. Young is retained to work with or take over for existing counsel, or take over the prosecution or defense of their cases or appeals.

Contact a New York Litigation Lawyer

If you are seeking advice or representation for a litigation matter or any civil appeal, please contact The Law Offices of Sanford F. Young, P.C. Our firm serves clients in New York City, the New York-New Jersey metropolitan areas, throughout New York State, and Northern and Central New Jersey. We can be reached by calling 212-227-9755, by e-mail, or by filling out the intake form on our Contact Us page. Our offices are located in the financial district of Manhattan near Wall Street, across from New York's City Hall, and around the corner from the World Trade Center site, easily accessible by public transportation or car.