Banking Disputes

New York and New Jersey Attorney Takes on Excessive Bank Charges

The Law Offices of Sanford F. Young, P.C., serving the New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas, as well as statewide in both New York and New Jersey, welcomes the opportunity to evaluate potential consumer class actions involving improper and deceptive bank fees and practices.

Have you considered yourself scammed by your bank's frequent and arbitrary increases and levying of seemingly random, sometimes hidden fees such as:

  • ATM fees
  • Overdraft and line of credit fees
  • Manipulation of fees
  • Improper interest and finance charges

Like food manufacturers that mask price increases by diminishing the amount of content, but retain the deceptively large packages, banks all too often mask increases in their fees and associated charges by padding and manipulating the way they add and calculate small fees, here-and-there, while falsely advertising "free checking accounts" and "no-fee" banking.

Explore legal remedies that may be available to you and other bank customers through consumer class actions. Call or e-mail The Law Offices of Sanford F. Young, P.C. to schedule a consultation. Attorney Sanford F. Young looks forward to discussing your possible consumer class action case.

New York and New Jersey Lawyers Welcoming Consumer Class Actions Involving Bank Fees and Charges

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