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How do you defend yourself in a business lawsuit?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Business Litigation

A business lawsuit in New York can be devastating for a small business. However, your company might survive if you take the right steps and handle the situation well. You may even learn more about protecting your business from liability in the future.

How do you handle a business lawsuit?

When you deal with business litigation, you should never contact the other party directly unless your attorney says otherwise. If the other party contacts you first, don’t engage with them. They could use anything you say against you in court. Instead, let your attorney handle the situation on your behalf.

On another note, you should call your insurance provider. Many business insurance providers offer protection in the case of commercial lawsuits. However, don’t assume that your insurance company will cover the claim without talking to a representative first. Some insurance providers only cover specific types of lawsuits.

When someone files a lawsuit, you’ll have to write a response within the deadline. If you miss the deadline, the other party might automatically win the case, leaving you to deal with the consequences. Your attorney may help you write a response that includes admittance or denial of the allegations, your defense and how you want the case to proceed. You have the right to defend yourself, but don’t lie or try to hide anything that might incriminate you. This will only damage your case.

Do you have a business attorney?

Every business needs an attorney even if it’s not facing a lawsuit. Your attorney may help you protect yourself from liability in the first place. If someone does sue your business, your attorney may help you respond and prepare a defense. They might also talk to the other party on your behalf so that you don’t say anything the plaintiff could use against you.