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The unique meaning of a quasi contract

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2022 | Contract Disputes

A quasi contract is a legal arrangement made by a judge and involves two parties. The purpose is to resolve a dispute that involves the unjust enrichment of one party over another. This often involves a disagreement about the recipient and payment of a product or service.

What it is

A quasi contract is an arrangement in a court between two parties without their consent. The purpose is to resolve a contract dispute and arrangement that allows one party to benefit from illegally acquiring money or goods at another party’s expense. One party is not allowed to benefit from an unfair arrangement. A quasi contract is not implied in fact or explicitly stated, but it is enforceable under the law.

How it works

A quasi contract is not valid if a real contract is already in place. Additionally, the plaintiff and defendant do not have to agree to the terms or sign a document for a quasi contract to be enforceable in court. An example is a person’s taking of a product or service that was not his or hers to begin with. The seller expects to receive a payment but the person keeps the product or service without paying.

A quasi contract is a court-imposed arrangement that is made without any need for the plaintiff’s or defendant’s consent. It is imposed to prevent one party from benefitting from the unfair possession of goods or services from another party. It is a type of implied contract that is not explicitly stated or written. The two parties do not need to have had a previous agreement together.