Credit Reporting Disputes

New York and New Jersey Attorney Handles Credit Report Disputes

The Law Offices of Sanford F. Young, P.C. welcomes the opportunity to evaluate potential cases against one or more of the three major credit reporting agencies: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. It sometimes happens that these credit reporting agencies fail to correct grossly inaccurate information despite the presentation of evidence to the contrary.

Know the Value of a Good Credit Report

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In today's economic climate, a good credit report is as important as a strong employment record. A solid credit report often provides the ticket to achievement of financial goals and objectives that a person has, such as the desire to take out a business loan, buy a home or office building or get a needed home repair or home improvement loan.

When is a Credit Reporting Agency's Actions worth Taking Legal Action Against?

When a credit reporting agency's error and unyielding refusal to correct it results in financial loss, the next step is to request counsel and representation from an experienced attorney with a track record of favorable outcomes.

A valid case worth pursuing will normally be one in which an individual with a previously good credit report experienced a proven and substantial financial loss as a result of a false negative credit report issued by Experian, TransUnion or Equifax AFTER they have been advised of the error but refused to correct it.

Was your home equity line of credit reduced as a result of false items on your credit report? Were you unable to close on a real estate purchase or business loan as planned in connection with a dispute with Experian, TransUnion or Equifax? The Law Offices of Sanford F. Young, P.C. will sue the credit reporting agency if this is necessary to obtain a favorable outcome: retraction of errors and compensation for an individual's resulting financial losses.

Like many of his special practice areas, Mr. Young's interest in suing the credit reporting agencies came about from his own frustrations and experiences, whereby he ultimately had to sue them in Federal court to force them to correct their gross reporting errors and the recovery of damages.

New York and New Jersey Lawyers Handling Credit Report Disputes

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