Areas of Practice

New York City and New Jersey Lawyer Handling Legal Matters Including Consumer Class Actions, Fraud, Unfair Insurance, Business Disputes and Professional Malpractice

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Appeals: Mr. Young and his staff have represented hundreds of appellants and respondents in all levels of the New York State, Federal and New York City appellate courts as well as the New Jersey Appellate Division, New York Board of Standards and Appeals and the New York Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR).

Complex Litigation: Mr. Young recognizes that the key to success in any dispute, lawsuit, or arbitration is developing and implementing a solid and winning strategy coupled with strong preparation and determined implementation.

Second Legal Opinions: Mr. Young will provide a candid and skillful assessment of the handling of your case, and provide meaningful suggestions for future strategies. When requested and appropriate, he will also discuss taking your case. If Mr. Young believes that a case has been mishandled or legal malpractice or fraud committed, he will tell you so and advise you if there is a possibility for bringing a legal malpractice claim to recover damages and/or file a disciplinary complaint.

Business and Commercial Litigation: In his thirty-two years as a hard-driving litigator, practicing in the New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas, including New York City, New York State, Northern New Jersey and Central New Jersey, Mr. Young has represented small, medium, and large businesses - private and publicly traded, individuals and families - in cases that require a skilled litigator and negotiator.

Insurance Litigation: Mr. Young will aggressively pursue and protect his clients' claims, whether under a life, homeowners, property, automobile, underinsured motorists, uninsured motorists, liability, errors and omissions (malpractice), casualty, fire, theft, disability, health or business insurance policy.

Art Litigation: Mr. Young represents art collectors, investors, galleries, dealers and museums.

Legal Malpractice: What You Want to Know: Legal malpractice can occur through negligence and carelessness. Malpractice can also be the result of a lawyer's fraud or deception.

Professional Malpractice: Regardless of the specific nature of the professional-client relationship, a patient or client who has suffered injury or financial harm in a professional context is well advised to seek out experienced legal counsel and representation.

Medical Malpractice: Whether you need a preliminary case analysis or a second legal opinion, an appeal or representation in a medical malpractice matter, you are encouraged to contact The Law Offices of Sanford F. Young, P.C. to schedule a consultation.

Hospital-Borne Infectious Diseases: All too often, a detailed investigation into the facts and circumstances behind a hospital death or onset of illness in a hospital will uncover unpleasant truths: namely the fact that hospital personnel often neglect basic sanitary practices.

Legal Fee Disputes: Attorney Sanford F. Young is often retained as an expert consultant and expert witness in legal malpractice and fee issues.

Hidden Assets and Divorce: Among the select divorce and domestic family cases that Mr. Young and his staff handle are cases and appeals involving hidden assets, unreported income, equitable distribution, alimony and child support awards, modifications, post-judgment enforcement and legal fee requests.

Representing the Jewish Orthodox Community: Sanford F. Young has successfully taken on cases by or between members of the various Hasidic communities involving disputes over the ownership, operation or profits and losses of real estate and religious properties and buildings, breach of contract, mortgage disputes and foreclosures, and the enforcement or challenge of Bet Din/Rabbinical Courts proceedings or decisions.

Of-Counsel Legal Services: Mr. Young is frequently called upon to provide "of-counsel" services, consulting with attorneys nationwide to review and assess strategies. He advises clients and their lawyers who find themselves enmeshed in legal disputes that have been dragged out, mishandled or otherwise are in need of a new strategy or experienced lawyer.

Lawyer of Last Resort: As "lawyer of last resort" in problematic cases that have dragged on without resolution, Mr. Young may point out strategies and methods for speeding up the progress of the case, such as changing tactics, focus or goals, narrowing down issues, or taking advantage of new procedural or appellate strategies.

Consumer Class Actions: The Law Offices of Sanford F. Young, P.C. reviews, advises and represents home buyers and others individuals in consumer class actions involving issues such as:

  • Mortgage fraud
  • Credit scams
  • Deceptive and fraudulent "credit repair firms"
  • Foreclosure prevention scams
  • Unfair and unconscionable insurance practices
  • Unfair and excessive bank fees and practices

Credit Reporting Disputes: It is not unusual for an individual with a previously good credit report to experience a substantial financial loss after Experian, TransUnion or Equifax willfully included false negative information on the person's credit report and refused to remove it despite the consumer's request.

Banking Disputes: Have you considered yourself scammed by your bank's frequent and arbitrary increases and levying of seemingly random, sometimes hidden fees? Consider initiating or joining a consumer class action.

Unfair Insurance Practices: Today's climate in the world of insurance is increasingly one of unconscionable insurance practices: murky deductibles, exclusions and conditions that are apparently designed to discourage the filing or payment of legitimate claims.

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