Second Legal Opinions & Consultations

Providing Second Legal Opinions ◊ Reviewing Case Strategies and Settlements ◊ Investigating and Auditing Legal Representations

For anyone facing a serious medical matter, it is recommended and standard procedure that they get an objective second opinion from an experienced and respected medical expert they can trust. Likewise, someone involved in a complex legal dispute, lawsuit, or potential appeal should obtain an objective second legal opinion from a respected and highly experienced attorney they can trust.

With more than thirty years of experience, Sanford F. Young has established a significant practice offering consultations to individuals, businesses, and lawyers who are looking for and need an objective second opinion and trustworthy advice. By applying his combined experience as a litigator and appellate attorney, Mr. Young is able to quickly and thoroughly assess how a case is being handled and where it may need redirection.


Among the hundreds of cases he has reviewed, Mr. Young has found that many attorneys need help to sort out critical issues, prioritize their client’s resources and goals, and understand and implement the procedural and appellate options that can get their cases on track.

When consulted by clients, Mr. Young has discovered that a staggering number of litigants are confused or misinformed about what is really happening in their case and what their options are. If Mr. Young believes that a case has been mishandled or legal malpractice or fraud committed, he will tell you so and advise you if there is a possibility for bringing a legal malpractice claim to recover damages and/or file a disciplinary complaint.

Mr. Young’s second opinion consultations typically take between one to two hours to allow sufficient time for assessing your case and making sound recommendations. Often the consultation fee is less than his usual hourly fee. In that meeting, Mr. Young will take care to clearly explain your case and options and answer your questions.


Mr. Young is available to conduct extensive case reviews and audits for individuals and businesses enmeshed in protracted and expensive litigations and offer recommendations for fresh approaches or new representation. The Law Offices of Sanford F. Young, P.C. also accepts referrals from attorneys who seek to place their clients in the hands of a seasoned litigator or appellate attorney.

Mr. Young is frequently called upon by lawyers or their clients who are seeking an experienced litigator and appellate lawyer who can assist existing counsel on an of-counsel, piecemeal, or supervisory basis. He is experienced taking over difficult aspects of a case, such as developing new strategies; dealing with difficult, unreasonable, or intimidating adversaries and judges; preparing or reviewing pleadings, motions, discovery, and briefs; arguing motions and appeals before trial and appellate courts; and negotiating settlements.

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