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A Lawyer Of Last Resort

Sanford F. Young, whose firm is located in New York City, considers himself a civil “lawyer of last resort.” In his 30 years as an experienced litigator and appellate lawyer handling cases in all of the state and federal courts in the New York metropolitan area, including New York City, New York state, northern New Jersey and central New Jersey, Mr. Young is often consulted by litigants who have been involved in one or more lawsuits or appeals that seemingly have no end or resolution.

Why Cases Take So Long

Often, cases drag on for years. The judicial system is usually slow and many cases take one to three years to complete discovery, get to trial, or achieve settlement. There are also the rarer cases that drag on for six, seven and even 10 years, or disputes that mushroom from one lawsuit into multiple suits.

In the typical case, Mr. Young may point out strategies and methods for speeding up the progress of the case, like changing tactics, focus or goals, narrowing down issues, or taking advantage of new procedural or appellate strategies. In those cases, The Law Offices of Sanford F. Young P.C. is available to assist or take over the matter or assist counsel on an of-counsel basis depending on the needs and wishes of the client and his or her attorney.

In other situations, a client may be enmeshed in a case that has overrun its course, and where there is no legitimate reason for the client to continue spending good money and resources on a lost cause. When consulted on one of these cases, Mr. Young will candidly give the client his opinion on the viability of the case and offer recommendations for bringing it to an end.

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If you are seeking advice or representation for a litigation matter or any civil appeal, please contact The Law Offices of Sanford F. Young P.C.. Our firm serves clients in New York City, the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area, throughout New York state and northern and central New Jersey, and we can be reached by calling 212-227-9755 or by e-mail by filling out the form on our Contact Us page. Our offices are located in the financial district of Manhattan, near Wall Street, across from New York’s City Hall, and around the corner from the World Trade Center site, and easily accessible by public transportation or car.

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