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Taking On The Insurance Companies

Insurance litigation is an area of particular interest to New York/New Jersey lawyer Sanford F. Young. Early in his career, Mr. Young encountered cases in which insurance companies would willingly collect years of premiums only to unjustly deny policyholders their legitimate payout.  Mr. Young is uncompromising when it comes to holding the insurance giants accountable. He will take aggressive action to pursue a just outcome for his clients.

When You Are Ready To Sue Your Insurance Company

Mr. Young handles cases involving unfair insurance practices regarding most types of insurance coverage concerning your business, home, property, life and health. This includes coverage for property, fire, burglary, jewelry, fine arts and other casualty and life insurance. It also involves lost business and profits coverage; liability and indemnity policies; and automobile, marine and maritime insurance. Many coverages and cases involve life, health and medical insurance and disability coverage. Mr. Young helps clients with errors and omissions (malpractice) insurance, underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage, and excess liability cases. His process may involve:

  • Formulating, submitting and adjusting complex insurance claims
  • Denial of legitimate claims
  • Unreasonable delays in processing claims
  • Responding to harassing and burdensome insurance investigations
  • Unconscionable insurance practices
  • Murky deductibles, exclusions and conditions
  • Shady definitions of medical conditions and necessary treatments
  • Unconscionable and arbitrary use of definitions, limitations, exclusions and co-pays
  • Murky restrictions and denials of prescription medication coverage and necessary and reasonable treatments

The Aggressive Advocacy Your Case Needs

Mr. Young identifies himself as being a “bulldog” type of attorney when it comes to wrongdoing involving exploitation of vulnerable parties, such as insurance policyholders. He is prepared to aggressively defend the right of policyholders and medical patients in insurance disputes between insurance companies and claimants.

Pursuing Insurance Bad Faith Claims

Any time an insurance company wrongfully denies a just claim, undervalues a loss or otherwise acts in bad faith with a policyholder, it is important to locate a skilled insurance litigation lawyer. Mr. Young is always prepared to take on insurance companies and their attorneys and will aggressively pursue and protect his clients’ rights, insurance benefits and claims.

Insurance Litigation Is A Vocation For Attorney Sanford F. Young

Mr. Young often jokes that he enjoys reading insurance policies as his bedtime reading. He understands insurance and is adept at interpreting and analyzing insurance policies, which are not written for ease of comprehension and typically contain numerous loopholes, exceptions and omissions devised by carriers and their lawyers to avoid paying their insureds’ valid claims. Recently, after Mr. Young was retained to take on a 20-year battle on behalf of 10,000 asbestos-exposed seamen, Mr. Young succeeded in overturning the maritime insurance company’s prior victories and convinced the United States Circuit Court of Appeals and then the United States Supreme Court to hold the insurance carrier liable for well over 1,000 asbestos-caused deaths and the suffering of another 9,000 victims.

Insurance Disputes Involving Property Loss And Income Valuations

Many insurance disputes involve the amount and valuation of the insured’s loss. Mr. Young and his firm handle cases in which the insurance companies are not willing to fairly compensate their insureds who are entitled to be paid for the full value of their lost property, lost income or lost business. Public adjusters are not able to represent and fight for their clients in court. The Law Offices of Sanford F. Young P.C. will not hesitate to sue your insurance company to win just compensation. Mr. Young also handles complex claims from the time of the loss, formulating, submitting and adjusting claims prior to litigation. When litigation is needed, however, Mr. Young easily shifts gear from negotiator to litigator.

Insurance Malpractice

Like other professionals, insurance agents and brokers, whether independent or in-house, may commit insurance-related malpractice or outright insurance fraud. Mr. Young has handled cases involving agents’ malpractice in not recommending proper and sufficient insurance coverage as well as those involving insurance fraud.

Mr. Young Also Represents Insurance Brokers And Agencies

Mr. Young also represents insurance agencies and brokers, as well as their customers, to take on the big insurance carriers in disputes involving claims for commissions, bad faith, fraud and failure to issue or maintain policies. Among his reported victories, he won a multimillion-dollar award against John Hancock insurance company in a case that was reported in the New York Times (August 14, 2003).

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