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Fee Disputes

Legal clients often assume that their lawyers can charge whatever they please with little or no practical recourse when the client rightfully believes they are being charged excessive or improper fees. As a matter of fact, there often are legal remedies for clients of law firms who have been overcharged or charged with illegal or unreasonable fees, such as through fee arbitration or the courts.

Contact The Law Offices of Sanford F. Young P.C. to schedule a consultation regarding questions or disputes involving potential legal malpractice or excessive and unreasonable legal fees. Attorney Sanford F. Young particularly welcomes the opportunity to evaluate potential cases involving excessive legal fees, or to provide guidelines for future monitoring and auditing of legal fees.

Were You Or Your Company Overcharged Or Charged Unlawful Attorney’s Fees?

Attorney Sanford is available to handle your fee dispute, or serve as your expert consultant and expert witness in legal malpractice and fee cases. In a detailed, thorough and professional fee review and audit, attorney Mr. Young is prepared to look for evidence of any of the following:

  • Excessive fees
  • Duplicative and unnecessary billing and work
  • Double and triple billing
  • Improper staffing and fees
  • Unlawful charges
  • Exorbitant fees for inferior or routine work products
  • So-called “premium billing” where firms charge more than one client for the same effort or court appearances

Mr. Young is often called upon to prepare detailed opinions and second legal opinions on legal fee disputes. Mr. Young also represents parties in fee disputes. That may mean trying to negotiate a lower fee, handing fee arbitration or fee litigation.

Representation for clients seeking counsel regarding fee disputes may include the following:

  • Detailed review and audit
  • Recommendation of appropriate steps
  • Negotiating directly with the lawyers
  • Guidance on how the client can bring and handle their own arbitration or small claims matter when low dollar amounts are involved
  • Taking a fee dispute to mediation or arbitration
  • Prosecuting lawsuits or counterclaims to obtain refunds for excessive or unlawful fees

Contact Our New York And New Jersey Lawyers Regarding Legal Fee Disputes

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