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Trusted Counsel To The Jewish Orthodox Community

With a diverse client base, Sanford F. Young has close ties to and represents members of the Jewish Orthodox and Hasidic communities who need a seasoned litigator or appellate attorney to represent them in the state and federal courts in the New York metropolitan area, including New York City, New York state and northern and central New Jersey.

A Jewish Lawyer Who Understands

Business, commercial and real estate disputes can and do occur involving members of the Orthodox and Hasidic communities. Often, these disputes highlight differing styles and customs when conducting business, such as the use of less formal contracts. Appeals are not uncommon, as Mr. Young has extensive experience recognizing which issues are best served by pursuing an appeal or post-appeal motion. He offers sensitive counsel in matrimonial and family law issues as well.

By contrast, the secular community and civil court system are used to seeing detailed, written and lawyer-drafted agreements. Accordingly, when disputes or lawsuits arise – whether between two or more members of the Hasidic or Orthodox community or with the secular community – the skill and finesse of a seasoned litigator who understands the needs and customs of both communities are needed.

Secular Law And Halacha

Mr. Young, who characterizes of himself as a Talmudic thinker with a yeshiva background, has successfully taken on cases by or between members of the Hasidic community involving disputes over the ownership or use of real estate or religious buildings, breach of contract and the foreclosure of mortgages. In many of these cases, Mr. Young has had to navigate between the application of civil law and jurisdiction of the civil courts as compared with the strictures of Jewish law, Halacha and the intervention of a rabbinical court or bet din.

Mr. Young has written for Hamodia magazine, and, recently, he successfully handled a case involving the transformation of a Brooklyn synagogue, which was reported in Jewish Week.

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If you are seeking advice or representation for a litigation matter or any civil appeal, please contact The Law Offices of Sanford F. Young P.C.. If you are in the New York City metropolitan area, New York state or northern and central New Jersey, the firm can help. Call 212-227-9755 or fill out the online intake form. The firm is located in Manhattan’s Financial District, near Wall Street and across from New York’s City Hall. Just around the corner from the World Trade Center site, it is easily accessible by public transportation or car.