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The Crucial Value Of Effective Expert Testimony

For cases that require an expert – someone who has extensive experience and knowledge on a topic – you want to utilize someone who offers a legal perspective that few else can.

Sanford F. Young has four decades of legal experience in myriad complex litigation and appeals cases. In cases where the testimony of experts is crucial, enlist the help of someone who is vetted and who understands the legal process, procedures and letter of the law. Mr. Young possesses those traits and has the fortitude and candor necessary to clearly and effectively communicate with judges, magistrates and juries.

The Importance Of Connection

Mr. Young is passionate about the law and the value that the law has in our democracy. He is not a “gun for hire” and will not be a party to cases he feels are without merit. He believes in justice and in pursuing what is ethical and right. He is sensitive to the effects of a trial on those who have the most at stake. He brings these values, as well as the ability to clearly and confidently communicate complex ideas simply, to every case in which he provides expert testimony.

An Expert In Courtroom Communication

An expert is someone who has “comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.” As a litigator for over 40 years, Mr. Young understands what it takes to present an effective argument. Those in the courtroom want to know that they are hearing the testimony of someone who knows what they are talking about, is confident in this knowledge and is providing an honest assessment. Mr. Young educates by offering patient and considerate explanations and valuations. As a seasoned attorney, he can offer high-level and astute insight into legal malpractice cases.

Work With An Experienced Expert Witness

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