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Make The Most Of Your Post-Appellate Legal Prospects

A lost appeal is not necessarily the end of your legal chances. Post-appeal motions can give you another chance at reaching a successful outcome, but they must be handled with care. A mistake in formalities of the process or an oversight in the language of the motion can derail your prospects. An experienced post-appeal motion attorney can make all the difference.
The Law Offices of Sanford F. Young P.C. is a trusted source of post-appeal advocacy for clients in New York, Morristown and throughout the surrounding region. Attorney Sanford F. Young has more than 30 years of experience and a proven record of success representing clients in the appellate stage and beyond.

Your Advocate Through All Stages Of The Appeals Process

In the wake of an adverse outcome, attorney Young can help you explore all of the options available to you, including:
  • Motions to reargue
  • Emergency temporary restraining orders
  • Stays pending appeal to stop the enforcement of judgments

Mr. Young can represent you at any stage of the appeals process, all the way up to the New York Court of Appeals, the highest court in the state. In more than three decades of practice, he has earned a reputation as a trusted source of second legal opinions and of counsel services to other attorneys, and as a lawyer of last resort.

Experience Makes A Difference

Post-appeal motions must be carefully worded and filed according to a strict set of rules. Mr. Young has the written and oral advocacy skills to effectively protect your interests in this complex process. He is highly familiar with the process and has the deep legal knowledge to know when the lower court’s decision is susceptible to being overturned.

Speak With An Attorney Who Can Protect Your Rights

If you are seeking post-appeal relief in New York, attorney Sanford F. Young is here to make a positive difference in your case. To arrange a confidential consultation, contact the firm online or by telephone at 212-227-9755 .