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How operating room distractions contribute to medical errors

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

Washing hands and setting up equipment in an operating room is part of preparing for a successful surgery in New York. However, many surgeons don’t consider the number of distractions that occur during a typical operation. Surgical professionals are encouraged to reduce surgical errors by removing operating room distractions.

Types of operating room distractions

During a single surgical operation, there could be multiple alarms going off and doors constantly opening and closing. There could be lights flashing on and off as well as medical workers walking in and out of the room. Doctors have to convey instructions to their nurses over constant noises. If they get distracted, they could make a simple mistake that puts the patient’s life in danger.

The severity of professional negligence

Doctors can be held liable for their surgical errors. There are many ways that doctors and nurses can reduce the number of distractions in an operating room. They can decrease the volume on the surgical machines, draw the window curtains shut or lock the door to prevent people from coming in unexpectedly. Doctors and nurses should ban the use of phones and personal devices at least an hour before the operation begins. In any case, being distracted during the operating room is a form of negligence that may amount to medical malpractice.

Seeking compensation for medical errors

The surgical room has to be meticulously clean and set up perfectly for every operation. Despite the cautious efforts that doctors and nurses make to prepare for surgery, they are bombarded with constant distractions. Overall, medical professionals are responsible for ensuring that their operating room is safe and efficient.