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Preventing contract disputes with suppliers

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2023 | Contract Disputes

Suppliers serve a vital purpose in a business-to-business model. They sell products to other businesses for resale. An example would be supplying clothing to a retail store for resale. Such agreements between businesses usually involved contracts established under New York law. A contract breach could cause legal complications for everyone involved, so it may be advisable to work to prevent disputes.

Potential ways to avoid disputes

An unworkable contract could make disputes unavoidable. When the parties negotiate the contract and terms, it would seem wise they only agree to objectives the party can meet. Signing a contract requiring a supplier to deliver far more than they can produce would likely lead to a dispute.

Effective communication may help all parties understand their goals and objectives. Rushing to sign a contract may undermine the ability to communicate and negotiate terms effectively. The terms might note the time commitments for the receipt of the product and when payments are due. Proper communication may extend to informing the other party of any potential problems affecting delivery and payment.

Addressing disputes

Sometimes, a business and supplier could work out contract disputes. If the supplier cannot deliver all the ordered products on time, the supplier may stagger the deliveries and offer a discount. Businesses that cannot pay outstanding balances might work out a repayment plan. Rewriting a new contract or amending the current contract with different terms could be possible if the parties agree to revisions.

If the parties cannot resolve their disputes, legal action might be necessary to resolve the matter. Civil actions may involve seeking compensation for losses incurred by the harmed party.