Consumer Class Actions

New York Attorneys Handle Consumer Class Actions

If you have been entrapped by the mortgage, banking, insurance or other financial scandals that have recently swept our country, do not abandon hope. If you are the victim of consumer fraud or unconscionable financial or insurance practices, you are well-advised to seek the counsel and assistance of an experienced civil litigation attorney. Upon review and investigation of your case, attorney Sanford F. Young may discover that you have cause to initiate or join a class action lawsuit against the wrongdoer.

Mortgage Fraud, Credit Scams, Foreclosure Prevention Scams

The Law Offices of Sanford F. Young, P.C. reviews, advises and represents home buyers and other individuals in consumer class actions involving issues such as:

  • Banking fraud and deceptive fees
  • Deceptive and fraudulent "credit repair firms"
  • Foreclosure prevention scams
  • Unconscionable insurance practices
  • Credit scams
  • Mortgage fraud
Mortgage Modification Scams
  • Did a "mortgage modification" firm scam you out of thousands of dollars, meanwhile failing to prevent foreclosure as advertised? Did your mortgage broker employ classic "bait and switch" tactics whereby the purchase agreement that you expected to sign at closing and the papers that were actually presented to you at the last minute were substantially different?
Unfair Mortgage Terms
  • Did your mortgage broker dupe you into accepting a home loan with unconscionable terms that you were unlikely to be able to meet based on your income? Was the ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) that you agreed to doomed from the start because of balloon payments that came due long before you could have been reasonably able to raise the funds?

Whatever the unfair practices were that you were caught up in when attempting to purchase a home, stop foreclosure or repair your damaged credit, an experienced trial attorney is a valuable ally and asset as you consider the possibility of instigating or joining a consumer class action lawsuit aimed at procuring compensation.

New York and New Jersey Consumer Class Action Lawyers

If you are seeking a second legal opinion or representation for a complex litigation matter or any civil appeal involving mortgage fraud or a "credit repair" scam, please contact The Law Offices of Sanford F. Young, P.C.

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